Practicing Multi-Meditation in Today’s Times

There is no such thing as paucity of time. If you have promised the moon to yourself, then go and get it. Sky is the limit!

Now days, we all want to earn truckloads of money, spend vacations at an exotic destination, come back tired and broke, and then get back to the vicious circle of life.

This is how we define modern times.

It is not bad to earn money, and it is not sinful to go for an exotic vacation. In fact, these should be the aims for all of us so that, we can improve our existence and widen our scope of horizon eventually.

Then where is the Problem?

The problems arise when:

  • We do not know whether we actually want to spend a fortune on vacations?
  • Whether we actually fancy those designer bags
  • Whether we actually want to be overloaded with money
  • Whether what we do individually is giving a sense of achievement?

Figure Out what you want

Before doing anything, figure out what, why and how.

  • What you precisely want
  • Why you want
  • How you should go about it

& How

Oh yes, trying to figure that out is a challenging task as well.


You can try various techniques, and the universally accepted technique to assess your inner self is Multi-meditation.

Multimeditation helps you in identifying and channelizing your inner energy and passion, so that you are never at a loss.

Multimeditation is an advanced form of meditation, and is achieved by creating the right combinations of circumstances like music, chants, colors and interiors.

You can also view videos which can enhance your ability to think freely and decide efficiently.

You can sign up at, for a holistic guidance to your spiritual well-being. These sessions will teach you about controlling your mind and resolving your problems in a meticulous manner.